Saturday, September 28, 2013

Folio 4-5-7-15 / Sanders Printing Corporation

I've fifteen of these lovely Folio booklets (not a complete set unfortunately) from Sanders Printing and I'm uploading them in sequence (the first three are in the March 2013 Archive) here are four, five, seven and also fifteen.  Seven was so popular and Sanders had so many requests for a copy it was decided to reprint it (three times) with a new front and back cover.  The issue was designed by Arthur Meranus and George Spindler.  Issue fifteen relates rather cleverly to seven.  It was designed by Fulton+Partners Inc. 


The cover, above, was the original but Sanders had so many requests for a copy they decided to have a reprint with a new cover design, below.



Monday, September 23, 2013

Best of friends. Pennsylvania travel book / 1982

An impressive visitors travel book, though package is probably more accurate, from the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce (who might have blown a whole year's budget on it). 10.25 by 11.25 inches with parallel binding two piece covers. Forty-six pages which include twelve half-pages on a buff colored stock and six pages at the back made up of eighteen tear-out postcards to be mailed to various local travel departments around the State.

    Also included in the binding are five envelopes, four of which have pull-out posters two by three foot, the fronts have illustrations and the backs are packed with details of things to do and see in Pennsylvania. The first one has a letter from the then Governor Dick Thornburgh and a fold-out road map.  The fifth envelope has a sixteen page 8.5 by 10.5 book full of activities for kids.
     The complete package is beautifully designed, excellent typography throughout, well chosen paper for the text, envelopes and half pages. Oddly, there are no credits anywhere for this remarkable production.

    I have often thought what an amazing series it would if whoever designed this one did every State in the same format, though it's unrealistic to see the same number of pages devoted to Delaware as California or New York.