Saturday, January 26, 2013

Franco Grignani / Alfieri & Lacroix ads

Milan designer Franco Grignani is most famous for his 1964 Wool logo, an elegant, simple design that was used around the world by the International Wool Secretariat (though the company attributes the design to Francesco Saroglia).  
    Among designers, Grignani, was probably better known for the stylish trade ads he designed for the Milan printer Alfieri & Lacroix.  These ran from the late fifties into the sixties and most books covering the history of graphic design reproduce one or two.  The ads were very distinctive with their photomontage of type combined with line photos and bright colors. 
    I often wondered if he was influenced by Bradbury Thompson who produced a lot of work for Westvaco in the fifties using overlapping images printed in process colors. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ford Styling brochure / 1956

You can see the 1963 Ford Styling book in the November 2011 Archive.  It was a much more flamboyant look at the subject and did its best to suggest that Ford car styling was closely connected to several centuries of art and the last two hundred years or so of product design.