Friday, August 5, 2011

Union Camp historical personality folders

Four clever paper samples from Union Camp (now part of International Paper) which solved the problem of having a selection of papers and how to bind them.  Each of the folders open out to four pages and the various printed items are stuck into the folder.
   On the front there is separately printed name card inserted into tabs. Inside different papers have been used relevant to what was required for the item. Mata Hari’s Passport is printed, litho and silkscreen, on a thick stock, a letter she wrote in 1915 is printed two color on a light bond paper.  The credits say with a perfumed in, too
   The cardboard LP record (remember those!) in the Florence Ziegfeld folder was four-color printed, cut to size, embossed on special record pressing equipment. In the Harry Houdini one there is a seventeen page flip-book. The Manolete folder has First Aid inset with a simulated sticking plaster inside.
    It’s an interesting choice of personalities which allows for a nice selection of historical facsimile material. There are no design credits or dates but I think they were published in the Seventies.

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