Sunday, October 30, 2011

Radio premiums / Westvaco Papers / 1981

Westvaco is probably best known as the paper company that published the free graphic arts magazine Westvaco Inspirations. Started in 1925 to showcase the companies papers for printers it became famous when Bradbury Thompson became the Art Editor in 1939 and designed all the issues up to the magazine’s closure in 1962.
    This large, eleven inches square, eighteen page brochure continues the excellence of design that Westvaco was known for and it’s a good example of paper sampler idea that companies developed from the sixties onward. Present the product, for designers and printers, in a format that will ensure it doesn’t end up in the trash.
     The theme here are the radio premiums from the golden age of radio serials during the thirties to the fifties. Aptly titled ‘…so send before midnight tomorrow…’ the pages celebrate the wonderful goodies that no kid could do without, especially if he was the first on his block with a new item. Jo Durden-Smith’s copy perfectly captures the feel of the times and the wonderful photos and graphics ensure that this brochure stays in the files.



  1. This is a history and I would like to print it using my Epson paper and Epson printer so I can share it also to my friends.

  2. I see product names mentioned here like advertisements.