Saturday, December 31, 2011

INDEX / 2011

About U.S. / Composing Room August
American artifacts / Lynn Sugarman photography September
Amerika Illustrated / USIA magazine December
Atlantic Fairway / Cunard book / November
Champion Papers
View October
Imagination series 
 1 Office paper July 
 2 Flight August 
 3 Woman August 
 4 Envelopes September 
 5 Modular Car Corporation September 
 6 The West October 
 7 Fire November
Color book / AIGA and Champion Papers October
Come home to jazz / Composing Room July
DayGlo designer's guide book / 1969 November
Eros Magazine  

 1 August
Ford book of styling November
Fortune Magazine booklet August
BF Goodrich / One for the road book July
Herb Lubalin August
General Dynamics Astronautics space cards December
General Motors / Futurama / 1939 World's Fair pavillion August
Great Ideas book / Container Corporation of America  October
Illustrations from past decades  

 1 / November 
 2 / Albert Dorne / Wurlitzer November 
 3 / Carl Evers / Philadelphia Electric Company December
Is it hard? Is it easy? book August
Morandini alphabet July
New York World’s Fair / 1939 souvenir book August
Nude alphabet August
Otto Storch at McCall’s / part 1 August
Orange Bowl Corporation Annual Reports 

 1972 August 
 1973 August 
 1974 September 
 1975 September

Qantas brochure October
Queen Mary souvenir launch book / 1934 November
Simpson Paper Company
  Broad Sprectrum
  1 July 
  2 and 3  October 
  Capone Annual Reports September 
  Dimensions Magazine September

  EverGreen papers December
Sunkist brochure December
Swissair / House of Cards September
Swissair / Kurt Wirth brochure September
Tarot deck / Brown Company December
TGIF Investements / Annual Report  December
Union Camp Paper / Historical personality folders August

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