Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trademarks / Mo Lebowitz & Al Ross / late sixties

This little booklet, it’s only six inches square, was published to celebrate the first anniversary of The Design Organization in New York. The owners were Mo Lebowitz and Al Ross and they thought the seven trademarks were a suitable design achievement and worth celebrating. It is a very simple but effective design with each mark centered on the page and a nice touch is the half-page foldout to reveal a brief caption about each company. It’s printed in four flat colors.
    Mo Lebowitz is well known as the owner (or Prop.) of the Antique Press, a private printing set-up in the basement of his North Bellmore, Long Island home. Started in 1960 so he could have some fun setting type and printing whatever took his fancy, a wonderful change of pace from the daytime Art Director job.
    Over the years he has printed, on a Chandler and Price platen press, hundreds of invitations,
posters, pamphlets, and other ephemera that were collected by his friends and acquaintances in the graphic design community. In 2004 Lebowitz presented the contents of his letterpress shop to the School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University. The Sanders Printing Corporation devoted their tenth issue of Folio promotion book (above) to the Antique Press with the contents written and designed by The Design Organization. I have few of these Folio books which I’ll post later this year.  

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  1. Hi , I'm Mo's daughter and just came across this old blog of yours, thank you for this. Mo is still in North Bellmore but suffering from Alzheimer's . It's sad to see a true wordsmith go blank, but thankfully we have alot of his archives.