Sunday, June 16, 2013

Comic ads / part one

Earlier this year the always interesting Buttes-Chaumont blog featured some ads in a comic format.  Madison Avenue, never slow to adapt to a medium other than magazine pages convinced national brands that comic ads in Sunday newspapers would really shift their products. 
     Most of those below are from the Comic Sections though Charles Atlas, surely the all-time favorite, was featured for years on the back cover of comics.  
    Copywriters pushed their skills in a race to the bottom with some of these situations (look at the third ad down) which had to work in a few frames and usually ending with an angled pack shot in the last panel.  Because comic ads looked so like the real thing many of them had to have the word ADVERTISMENT above the ad.   
    See some more here:
     Part two of Comic ads is in the July 2016 Archive.

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