Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Partners tin / 1993

The London design company, The Partners, was ten years old in 1993 and to celebrate the event they created this extraordinary free keepsake for their clients and friends. The idea was to look forward to 2003 after another successful ten years. The side label explains the idea and the tin contained real items shown in the photo above.

The future only has twenty hours in the day if you wear this working Timex watch (the battery died years ago). A smoker? Enjoy a gasp with the special filter cigarette, real tobacco, too. No need for mealtimes with these grub pills. Instant knowledge can be yours, probably overnight, if you wear the patch as instructed. Everyone would surely keep a sachet of sugar as a souvenir of their stay at the Buckingham Palace Motel. A few price increases at the Sainsprix supermarket and don't forget to wear the Veg Liberation Front badge while pushing the trolley around the aisles. David and Susan could have used their plastic Global Transport card to get to New York but they decided to drive over the Atlantic Bridge. The postcard has a real printed £12 stamp with King Charles on it. The Partners opened their China office shortly after the new century started.

Empty the tin and the bottom has a circular pink piece of paper with the type printed in reverse, it can be read by using the reflection on the tin's interior. To design and manufacture all these elements is a remarkable achievement. How much did each tin cost and how many were produced? Only the accounts department knows and they were probably sworn to secrecy.


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