Saturday, August 4, 2012

Designs for the printed page / 1959

If you looked through those graphic design monthlies of the fifties and sixties, especially the yearly design annual from CA Magazine you would frequently see brochures and booklets promoting Time/Life magazines.  I always thought Fortune produced some wonderful material.  In those days the company had plenty to spend so designers could go creatively wild, use any printing technique, paper and production. 
     Designs for the printed page is a good example of creativity and expense. The forty-eight page book (printed on an eighty pound gloss) is the same size as the magazine (eleven by ten inches) with a thick fold-out card cover and it came in a board container.  The colored arrow on a white square is stuck on one side.  It was designed by Fortune’s Art Director Leo Lionni who wrote a short introduction, part of which says: One purpose of this book is to remind advertisers that design is a seemingly inexhaustible source of visual excitement.  A page of the fold-out cover had captions giving a brief interpretation of each design and how it might apply to a company’s advertising

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