Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Linweave Tarot deck / Brown Company / 1967

One of the problems paper companies have with their samplers is how to bind several different papers in one publication. Champion with their excellent Imagination series initially used plastic comb and then wire parallel binding for later editions. Both had the advantage of mixing different papers in one book. This 1967 Brown Company sampler avoided any binding problems by using forty-two of their Linweave papers for this Tarot deck. A normal card set would have been too small to realistically show off the papers so they went for a 8.5 by 5.5 inches card, much larger than a normal set. The back of each card described the meaning of illustration, the name of the artist and some technical details of the paper.  They were all printed litho on eighty substance sheets.
    Four well known artists were chosen: David Mario Palladini (ten cards) Ron Rae (ten) Hy Roth (ten) Nicolas Sidjakov (twelve). Each brings their individual style to the graphics though fortunately the styles are not that different so that they all look in keeping as you look through the set.  Ron Rae's The Sun (XVIII) was also issued by the company as a large ready to frame poster.
    The pack also came with a brief four page history of Tarot cards and a ten page foldout of instructions on how to use the cards though I’m not sure how easy this would have been because a complete Tarot set has seventy-eight cards.


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  2. Many thanks for this article! It's fun to see David Palladini's first takes on the Tarot, something he would revisit later in spectacular fashion.

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