Friday, December 16, 2011

General Dynamics Astronautics space cards / late Sixties

Probably issued by the GD publicity folk to celebrate their continuing funding from Washington for the space race. I would guess some time in the late sixties. Nicely produced in a standard card size with a protective varnish on both sides. Fifty-two cards plus two jokers - one with Superman.
    An additional card says: These space cards tell a story - the story of America’s man-in-space programs. The hearts deal with the human element, the clubs portray the sciences, the spades show products and the diamonds depict modern aerospace management without which the other three elements could not be successful.


  1. Amazing cards! Hope you don't use those for poker unless your friends have clean hands.

  2. Too good to use for games of chance! Though I can't believe they are worth anything despite being rare.

  3. I have a complete set,as new for sale. Any offers???