Monday, December 26, 2011

Illustrations from past decades / part 3 / Carl Evers / Philadelphia Electric Company

The Philadelphia Electric Company ad agency made a wise choice in using Carl Evers to create these stunning city and industrial landscapes. The ads seemed to be more corporate rather than hard sell because the company used illustrations for many years from the mid-fifties.
    I particularly remember several ads in the Saturday Evening Post, each one had three wide paintings showing various aspects of city life (two of the ads are shown above) and I was always amazed at the amount of detail they included. Other ads used one square painting frequently with a bird’s-eye view of a part of the city. Evers was known as a maritime painter who had the knack of capturing very realistic sea and waves so he seemed the obvious choice for these cityscapes crammed with detail. His dock scenes work really well.
    I don’t know how many paintings Evers created for the PEC but years later I still think these are wonderful works of art and I’ve always wondered where they are now


  1. I've never seen such a fantastic selection as this - very impressive!

  2. Phil: there are some paintings in the ads at the top of the page that I don't have and I would love to know how many he did for PEC.

    I think I would be willing to pay for a well produced book/portfolio of these illustrations. They really are first class examples of ad art for the period.

  3. Russell SpanbauerMay 30, 2012 at 7:42 AM

    I have a painting of carl evers of philadelphia ship yard and of the philly sky line. This was commissioned by the Pec in the 1950s. Also have 11 of his pencil illustrations. Great works of art.

  4. I am a marine artist working on steel.His work is so amazing!His draftsmanship,color, would love to learn more of his step by step techniqueMy late wife,Marilyn Sotto,was also amazing {goggle her}I learned much in my architectural renderings-he takes us both an a very INSPIRATIONAL PLANE.I am working currently on ship and plane fragements-he will be my inspiration.Please let me know anything and thank you!

    1. Hi John and thanks for your comment. Sorry to say I know nothing about Carl Evers other than he a wonderful marine artist. I can only suggest you Google him.