Friday, December 30, 2011

TGIF Investements / Annual Report / 1976

I’ve never been quite sure whether TGIF Investments Limited (is that Thank Goodness It’s Friday Investments?) was a real company or not. This Annual Report is sufficiently offbeat to make anyone think it might be a cunning ruse, a bit of design froth for the amusement of media folk but look at the names on the inside front cover and you’ll see that well known outfits are there to look after the TGIF investor. Probably there were too few investors to be concerned about the Report’s unorthodox presentation, the Fund had less than a HK$ million.
     The reason I kept the Report was because of the Sauce (and Application) of Funds photo on the last spread. Possibly the first and last time a real pie has been used as a pie chart and it works beautifully. Also have a read of the Chairman’s Message and study the photo. Page three has a period photo of a crowded meeting with this caption: A spirited discussion amongst the Company’s creditors at the last Annual General Meeting, following upon the previous Chairman’s cogent defense of the Board’s Canadian Land utilization policies.
     The whole Report is very reminiscent of Frank Schulwolf’s wonderfully exuberant 1975 Orange Bowl Corporation Annual Report (see it in September 2011 archive) that used historical movie stills for the illustrations.


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