Sunday, January 6, 2013

Amfac Annual Report / 1982

Amfac (AMerican FACtors) was one of those companies that had been around for years under various names and was mainly involved with agriculture in Hawaii.  In the sixties and seventies, like so many companies, it became a conglomerate more concerned with acquiring non-core businesses until 2002 when it went into Chapter 11. 
    The reason I kept this Report was because of the seven lovely collages in the front pages.  Many of the images were hand-colored by Elaine Keenan and Sara Anderson.  The fold-out cover painting was by Bill W Dodge (check out his website).  Credits for the design go to Peterson Hinrichs & Shakery, who also did the 1981 Potlatch Report in the December Archive. 
    I’ve only included the first twenty-seven pages, the remaining twenty-nine include four about the company divisions and the Financial section.



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