Friday, February 22, 2013

New York large postcards / 1960

I bought these wide cards in 1960 and I was fascinated by the night shots of skyscrapers with their lights blazing.  I also only searched out cards that didn't have any type or graphics on the front, not too easy as most had some sort of statement ruining the visual appeal of the photo.
    The city at night has always attracted photographers and every year or so there appears a new book on the subject, either for the tourist trade or the art market.  Times Square, in particular, is a favorite, with a sort of permanent daylight, especially now with the huge screens providing perfect moving images. 
     The Rockefeller Center is a Lego model in their architectural series which nicely doesn’t look like Lego because no studs are visible.  John Jakle wrote a book about night-time postcards of American cities:

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