Saturday, April 20, 2013

Eros Magazine / issue four / 1962

Here is the fourth and last issue of Eros.  The publication in 1962 coincided with Editor Ralph Ginzburg being accused of three counts of obscenity, one of which was publishing of this copy of Eros.   Ginzburg was convicted in 1963 but as is usual with cases that are not cut and dried appeals right up to a Supreme Court.  Their decision in 1966 confirmed his conviction and in 1972 he spent eight months in prison.   
    Ralph Hattersley's tender photo essay Black & white in color was mentioned, at the time, as one reason for the obscenity charges.  Had the couple been white the essay wouldn't raised an eyebrow.    
    Ginzburg died in 2006 and in his New York Times obituary, written by graphics historian Steve Heller, there is a mention of a fifth issue of Eros that was prepared for publication, I wonder what happened to that? 
     If you wish to pander to your prurient interests (as the U.S. District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania put it during the 1963 court case) and look at the first three issues of Eros they are here in the Past Print archives: Issue 1 August 2011; Issue 2 March 2012; Issue 3 November 2012.

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