Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christmas cards / part one / Robert Enever Associates

These delightful Christmas cards were a yearly treat from Robert Enever Associates (originally started in the mid-fifties by Valerie Hiller & Marjorie Swatton ) who had a photographic studio near the Embankment.  
    Bob Enever was one of those brilliant studio photographers who could be told what was wanted (especially if it was a detailed still-life) and then left to get on with it...he always delivered, too.  Their Christmas cards were printed on photo paper and folded in half, the front always had a simple yuletide tableau which turned to be anything but when you looked at the back of the card.  
    I think the first card was from the early sixties and the last, the only time I saw a colored one, was from the late eighties when the studio moved out of central London.

Christmas cards part two is in the December 2014 archive


  1. I was on the Hiller and Swatton ones as a child ( I am Bob Enever's son), and he used my skeleton ( I was a medical student by then) for the kitchen scene.

  2. Gary: thanks for the comment. I always loved Bob's cards which is why I kept them. Now lots more people can enjoy them.