Monday, July 22, 2013

QSL cards

If you don't know what QSL cards are this clip from Wikipedia will explain:
One of the interesting sides of DXing as a hobby is collecting QSL cards (acknowledgement cards from the broadcaster) confirming the listener's reception report. Usually a QSL card will have a picture on one side and the reception data on the other. Most of the broadcasters will use pictures and messages indicating their country's culture or technological life. 
     The cards below are some of the better looking ones I saved over the years and they are a reminder of the mis-spent teenage age years (and later) listening to the short-wave.
      Generally the QSL cards were rather bland especially those from government run stations where bureaucrats favored cultural images rather than shots of transmitters. Still, as you can see some of them are still visually interesting fifty or more years later.

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