Monday, April 7, 2014

Russian railways route map book / selected pages

On a trip to Moscow in 1987 there was very little print to buy that looked visually interesting except for a stunning graphic book about Lenin (see it in the June 2013 post) a book about the metro and this slim paperback of railway maps for the whole of the Soviet Union, as it then was.  
    Published in Moscow in 1980, 128 pages, six and a half by four inches and printed in four colors: black; cyan; magenta; yellow.  The back of the book has twenty-two pages of names, five columns to a page and I assume this is an alphabetical list of stations, just under five thousand.  The first map, with all the time zones reveals just how big the country is.
    As I don't know the language I'll leave it to Russian fans of Past Print to send a comment and reveal exactly what the book shows and especially what the imprint says on the last page.

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