Friday, October 10, 2014

Illustrations from past decades / 23 / Yesterday's tomorrows that never made it / four

Part one is in July, part two is in August and part three is in October, all 2013.

This amazing piece of airbrush art was created (I think) by the Arthur Radebaugh and I've included the original ad which looks like it was created before 1945.     
     Considering that friskets had to be cut out for each color and then put back on the artwork for the next color this makes this painting the ultimate piece of airbrush art.


  1. Tremendous, as always. This series is my favorite thing on your blog.


    1. Andrew: I think I have enough material for another three parts...stay tuned.

  2. This material is triggering so many associations (I saw these things when they were new and I was young)... it's almost too much! What wealth... and much appreciated!

  3. These are the world's that I go to when I needs retire from the backwoods mess called Earth.