Sunday, October 16, 2016

Scandal mags

As you can see these magazines were heavy users of hundred magenta plus hundred yellow on their covers. Stock red and grab-you headlines helped to sell millions of copies in the fifties and sixties. Confidential was the leader of the pack with monthly sales in the mid-fifties of five million. All of the titles were printed on pulp paper and despite huge sales national advertisers were obviously reluctant to be seen in these pages, with hardly any ads, except for a few selling down market products, articles were always continued in the back pages of each issue (I've left out a few of these text only pages in the two titles below). 
    The magazines above eventually folded but the editorial concept of celebrity gossip, scandal and political intrigue lives on in supermarket tabloids and weekly glossies still selling today. 

August 1960

November 1961


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