Monday, August 15, 2011

Selling Fortune in the early Sixties

A fascinating little booklet designed in the early Sixties, to sell Fortune. It looks like it was a dream job for designer Alan Fletcher because he piled everything into it: four different paper stocks (matt card, coarse fiber, wrapping paper and a red and plain glassine) printing (letterpress and thermography) and a die-cut shape on one page.
    Seven inches square and forty-four pages with a small amount of copy but plenty of graphic images to create interest and sell the product. An excellent example of Alan Fletcher’s lovely quirky and eye-catching style. Amongst his many logos one of the best was for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, an example of thoughtful timeless design.    
    His book The art of looking sideways (ISBN 0714834491) from 2001 apparently took eighteen years to compile. Well worth searching out because it’s a remarkable cornucopia of visual goodies, over 1066 pages, that any creative person will appreciate. The ultimate bedside book for designers.


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