Thursday, September 22, 2011

Capone Annual Reports / Simpson Paper Company

Annual Reports always seemed to be a favorite for paper companies to show off their papers. These two from Simpson’s and promote their Vicksburg Vellum and Starwhite Vicksburg using two different colored papers in each. Both were designed by Steve Jacobs Design and written by Maxwell Arnold.  The 1931 Report was produced in 1981 and I assume the 1929 one was done a year or two earlier.
    The Reports work together. The Executive Advancement spread in the 1929 report (pages nine and ten) is used in the 1931 Report though two executives didn’t advance: Charlie Fischetti and Mike ‘De Pike’ Heitler, they now sleep with the fishes.
     Both Reports have interesting covers. The 1929 one is blind embossed and includes bullet holes, for 1931 the title cleverly uses gold ink. Maxwell Arnold’s text in both is worth a read, too.

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  1. Maxwell Arnold was blessed with a keen wit and at his typewriter up until his death last year at 94. He was proud of these annual reports.