Saturday, November 19, 2011

Atlantic Fairway / Cunard booklet / late 1960s

Cunard’s soft sell to get passengers crossing the Atlantic in their eight ships. I think the booklet probably came out in the mid-sixties.  Designed by Henrion Design with copy by Laurie Lee. Just under eight and a half inches square with an interesting design format using four color gravure (150 screen) and litho for the mono page and glassine pages. The design required three paper: semi matt art for the color; rough kraft for the line art; yellow glassine for the transparent inserts. The cover, bearing in mind the market it’s aiming at, doesn’t need a title.
    The photos and graphics work well to visually describe the voyage on this floating Grand Hotel. Unlike today’s cruise liners there seems very little to do other than relax, drink and enjoy haute cuisine in the huge dining rooms. The photos seem to have be taken on the two Queens. The Mary had three funnels and the Elizabeth two. Cheap jet travel ended the sumptuous five day voyage from New York to Southampton and back again. Cunard is still sailing with new Queens for the cruising market.


  1. This booklet is definitely not from the early 1970s. No mention of QE2 anywhere and both Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth had been retired by that time. Most likely from early to mid 1960s.

  2. Thanks for the update. I was taking a guess about the date, I've changed the copy to mid-sixties.