Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DayGlo designer's guide / 1969

An interesting curiosity from the DayGlo company (now part of RPM International) with some wonderful examples of how their product can create eye-catching graphics. It’s a large book, thirteen by eleven inches, with a plastic comb round back binding to hold together different papers used inside.
    The clever idea was to pitch it to designers by reprinting, in DayGlo inks, various graphics from the sixties, some of them by well known designers. The section on Magazines has a twelve pages of Bert Stern’s serigraphs of Marilyn Monroe. This originally appeared in Avant Garde magazine March, 1968.  Some of the printed examples in the book look quite intriguing but fortunately there are two pages at the back with detailed production notes. Inside the back cover is a pocket with useful color charts. A silk screened one really makes the colors sing.
   The book was designed LG Hughes Associates of Detroit and printed by Central Litho in Cleveland.  The city is still the home of DayGlo.

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