Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ashland Oil / Annual Report for the New Generation / 1979

Not really an Annual Report, more a few pages about how Ashland runs its business. Produced by Shareholder Reports for the company and in keeping with pitching the format to a youthful readership ace cartoonist Jack Davis was chosen to make the large size text come alive (though my other fave illustrator Frank Springer would have been just as good).  I don't know if Ashland did any more Reports, probanly not as their products were hardly directed at a youth market.
    I’ve only kept this because of the great illustrations. I don’t suppose Davis worked on many Annual Reports and strangely this Ashland one isn’t mentioned in a recently published retrospective of his work (ISBN 9781606994474)


  1. Think you meant Frank Springer, not Jack. (Did Springer ever do any company report-type work?)

    Lovely stuff by Jack Davis, though, and nice to see it printed in a reasonable size.

  2. Quite right, I did mean Frank and not Jack Springer. Error now corrected. Thanks.

    It's about time Springer got a portfolio book like the Davis one.