Saturday, January 14, 2012

Show Magazine / first issue 1961

Books about fifties and sixties graphic design usually show this first issue cover because it’s so striking. Such an obvious concept but it needed a Henry Wolf (left) and a willing publisher to carry it out perfectly and I doubt any first issue cover since has used a huge one on a black background. Wolf (1925-2005) was one of great Art Editors of the period. First for Esquire in 1952, then Harper’s Bazaar 1958, replacing Alexey Brodovitch and Show 1961.
    This first issue ran to 128 pages including a twenty-four page section Review printed on kraft paper which was trimmed narrower than the magazine.  I've left out some of these Review pages and few that included text and small ads that appeared in the front and back of Show.  Though there are less than twenty four-color pages Wolf creates some interesting pacing with large photos and simple graphics between several all text pages. The whole page head shots became a regular feature in subsequent issues.

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