Thursday, February 9, 2012

The expanding scope of the Annual Report / Kimberly-Clark / 1962

John Massey (right) Chicago born in 1931, was strongly influenced by the Swiss School of design. This might well have started when he was an assistant to Armin Hoffmann and Josef Mullerr-Brockmann at the Aspen Design Conference in 1953. In 1957 Ralph Ekerstrom asked him to join the Container Corporation of America as a designer working with the head of design Herbert Bayer. Massey probably did his best work at the CCA when he became the Director of Design in 1961. He designed their Great Ideas book in 1976 (you can some pages from this in the October 2011 archive).
   This Kimberly-Clark paper sampler has a sort of Swiss feel to it: slightly austere; simple straightforward graphics; bold presentation; text set in Standard Medium. The size is eleven by eight and a half inches with cover fold-outs front and back, first and last pages uses a light weight bond with a blue graphic. The book is a good example of a Swiss/American design mix.

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