Sunday, February 5, 2012

Renault Dauphine ads / 1960

I came across these ads recently in a folder marked TYPOGRAPHY. In 1960 I think I was rather impressed with the way they borrowed from posters and playbills decades earlier when printers used as many fonts as possible to catch the eye. Though these ads look like visual chaos I think the typography is quite cleverly organized and the use of color helps. The closeness of the letters suggests it was all photo set by the Photo-Lettering Inc in New York. Edson Newquist (left) of the Needham, Louis & Brorby agency art directed the campaign.  Judging by the reverse of each ad I seem to have saved them from the Saturday Evening Post or Holiday magazine..

I always though that ad campaigns hadn't really taken off until Mad Magazine had their say.
This masterpiece was on the back cover of the January 1960 issue.

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