Sunday, July 1, 2012

Impressions in color / Bergstrom Paper / 1967

Impressions in color from Bergstrom Paper in 1967 was nothing special as a designed paper promotion but more a sound curio. It was a two part sleeve, one had a twelve inch record and the other four twelve page booklets. Each one looked at different color printing techniques on Bergstrom paper .It was the record that attracted me. The center pages folded out to show examples of these techniques.
     Some marketing person had the clever idea of combining the rhythmic quality of printing presses with music. Composer Bill Walker taped the working sounds of Harris, Miller and Mielhe flat-bed presses (huge rotary units just make a continuous roar and don’t have the sound air suction cups to lift and place individual sheets into the rollers) and used these at the beginning and end of each track.You can hear the printing tracks on this website:
     The other side of the record had six tracks of Walker’s big band instrumental compositions. The record is mildly interesting but hardly worth paying a few dollars for if you see in on the net.

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