Sunday, March 10, 2013

Domino's Pizza Annual Report / 1985

The 1985 Domino’s Pizza Annual Report was a forty-two page broadsheet newspaper.  In six section: Review; Sports; Food; Entertainment; Names & faces; Finance with page size of 22.75 by 14.5 inches and very convincingly designed by Group 243 in Ann Arbor. 
    Newspaper design is rather specialist because it’s created with the copy at the same time and at speed unlike most other print design where there are plenty of options regarding images, typefaces, paper and printing techniques.  You’ll rarely see a convincing newspaper design that hasn’t been created by editorial professionals. 
    Domino’s Annual Reporter though is a very credible effort with all the regular newspaper ingredients in place, like news, sport, gossip, comics, entertainment, business, classifieds and of course ads.  It came out in 1986 (it was sent out in a newspaper delivery bag) and as it was printed on newsprint my copies are rather faded, below is a spread from each section. 
    Group 243 also designed the 1983 (May 2012 archive) and the amazing 1984 (July 2012 archive) box of dominos Reports.

Clever use of delivery boxes in the financials.

The back pages of the sections had whole page ads.


  1. Robin,
    I am very interested in the Domino’s Pizza annual reports from 1983, 85, 86 and 87. Where did you get these? Are you willing to sell them. Do you have additional copies?

    1. ...I got them from a very kind lady at Group 243, the company that designed them. This was back in the eighties. Sorry but I don't have any spares and they are too good to sell.