Sunday, March 24, 2013

Folio 1-2-3 / Sanders Printing Corporation

Sanders was a New York based printer founded in 1895 and these booklets were issued in the in the sixties to the early seventies (none were dated). 
    They were 7.75 by 9 inches and obviously printed by the company, the first nine had sixteen pages and from ten onwards it varied between twenty and forty pages.  
    Each featured a designer or design company and of the few I have the selection is very impressive.
     Folio 7, designed by Gaynor & Ducas, was an Annual Report for David’s Lemonade Stand which spun off a very clever David’s Lemonade Stand Corporate Identity Manual for Folio 15, Folio 10 was devoted to Mo Lebowitz and his famous (least among designers) The Antique Press, Folio 11 had a handsome design by Herb Lubalin on how to become a successful Art Director.    
    Unfortunately I’ve only got eleven of these lovely printer promotions and the first three are shown below.  Folio 1 featured Chermayeff & Geismar design group; Folio 2 Louis Silverstein at the New York Times; Folio 3 Papert, Koenig, Lois ad agency.  Tom Geismar recently told me the first issue was designed in 1960 or '61.

Issues 4, 5, 7 and 15 are in the September Archive.


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