Friday, December 13, 2013

Kris Krinkle comes to Past Print

Christmas comes to Past Print with this small selection of Santa items.  The trading cards were issued by 21st Century Archives sometime in the early nineties I think.   The Coke metal art Santa set have a 1994 copyright printed on one of those meaningless Certificate of Authenticity bits of paper.  It says the set is an Official and Authentic Coca-Cola Brand product, a limited edition...I take that to mean at least twenty thousand (or more) were produced.  The four paper scraps of Santa are from the seventies, though the paintings might be much older.  Clement Moore's delightful Twas the night before Christmas story is a rather tacky reprint from the nineties.

The lovely Dream of Santa book is available from Amazon:

The back of the metal cards had some details about Haddon Sundblom's paintings.  This was printed on paper and held in place by the curled edge of the card.

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