Tuesday, January 2, 2018

twen / issue 9 1965 / selected pages


  1. Hello! Wanted to write a big thank you for publishing your Twen archive online! Im in process of writing an article about Twen and your archive is saving my project! Twen is truly a feast for the eyes, true pleasure seeing all these issues! Thank you for the dedication, its greatly appreciated!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the comment Paula. I assume you've seen the 1997 book about twen by Michael Koetzle (ISBN 978-3781403925) and the more recent book about twen's Art director Willy Fleckhaus (ISBN 978-3960700128)

    1. Yes! Bought the book by Michael Koetzle, but very,very unfortunately I don't speak or understand german, so it was more valuable for the few visuals. Tried to translate it, but unsuccessfully, well it will stay in my archive for now as a valuable piece, maybe one day I will have the guts to pick up german. I can only hope somebody translates it someday. And yes, also the recent book on Willy Fleckhaus, I find it so sad that there aren't more resources, more articles,books,discussions on Twen, it's very surprising to me that its so "underground" now, it should be showed as an example for designers now, such underrated masterpiece of editorial design! There are few books on editorial design that mention Twen for it's use of grid and photography, but no broader sense. The best article I found that sheds some light on Twen is this one in Eye Magazine, a great insight - http://www.eyemagazine.com/feature/article/paint-it-black

    2. The problem is twen and Flechaus are German so US and UK publishers would only see interest in them as a very small market. Also there are very few books about designers, I have titles on Bradbury Thompson, Lou Dorfsman, Herb Lubalin, Karl Gerstner, Alexey Brodovitch but nothing published, so far, about Otto Storch of McCall's or Kit Hinriches. You will not be surprised that twen is easily the popular upload on Past Print though the item that has had the most is the Swissair 'House of cards' as of today it has had 8149 views.