Sunday, October 23, 2011

Color book / AIGA and Champion Papers / 1974

In 1974 the American Institute of Graphic Arts asked its members to interpret the word Color. The idea was a project to establish a scholarship fund and to enable the AIGA to extend its activities in the graphic arts industry. The results are printed in this handsome soft cover book, published and given away by Champion Papers.
    The one hundred and seventy entries are one to a page in the book, which is just over nine and a half inches square and printed on Champion’s excellent Kromekote gloss paper. The first eight pages, with title page and short essays, are printed on colored stock.
    Now well over three decades old the illustrations have stood the test of time and still look fresh today. I put down this down to the professionalism of these creative folk who interpreted the concept in the widest possible sense. Designer Roger Cook submitted a slim upright white box with two buttons. Called Colorful sound, one button makes a man say Blue, the other button has a women saying Yellow, push both at the same time and they both say Green!  Several entries used a rainbow theme but they all looked completely different as did the designers who wrote various colors in black but used different colors for each letter of their signatures.
    The spreads below will give you an idea of the contents of this remarkable book. My copy shows signs of wear as I’ve looked through it so many times over the years.  Despite it originally being free copies can be found on the net at a reasonable price.



  1. Hey, I am looking for the name of one of the artists in this book, but the names are so hard to read, any way you could list the names of the artists? I am specifically looking for the robot sitting in the chair with the number "25" - who is the artist? Thanks!

    1. The artist is Fleming Ljorring, he has some Google entries. The book unfortunately didn't have a page with a list of artists.