Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eros Magazine / issue two / summer 1962

Issue two of the sex quartely carried on where the first one left off with another selection of articles and visual features brilliantly laid out by Art Director Herb Lubalin. The mix was as before: the sex pundits of the time, the Kronhausen's, contributed an essay; sex curiosity of the issue was the US Patent Office male chastity belt; photo feature of the erotic sculptures of Konarak, lovingly photographed by Eliot Elisofon; a handsome visual treat with the cigar box labels (this is usually the item used on books about graphic design history to showcase the work of Lubalin).
   An interesting feature are the last sixteen pages where Ginsburg used feedback from the three million mailers (above and I'm still skeptical about that huge number, if only because of the postage costs) that were sent out for charter suscribers. Deeply conservative 1962 America let loose with these replies and as Ginzburg says: 'Please bear in mind that these negative criticisms were made several months before the first issue of Eros had appeared and that the people who wrote these letters were objecting to the mere concept of magazine devoted entirely to Love and Sex'.
    The production of Eros was was as good as the first with a selection of papers and printing techniques. A 175 screen for the four color on a semi gloss and a dense matt black for the two photo features, Paris and India, on a medium weight bond.

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